The Old Main Assoc.

Our means of discovery lately have been through serendipitous posts on Instagram while we’re scrolling late at night. It could be the latest trends, a great coffee company or even the next best restaurant in town. A few weeks ago we stumbled upon The Old Main Assoc. and decided to give it a try after seeing their delectable cocktails and mole fried chicken showcased on their Instagram. So we went, and went again. And while we don’t want to share what has quickly become one of our favorite places to snag a burger – We’re going to.

The OMA is in a great location – located on Main (surprise, surprise) adjacent to cult favorite, La Fonda. While the restaurant itself evokes an upscale pub atmosphere, it is charming and quaint with a great outside patio surrounded with lush greenery. The menu is simple, but with many standouts. Their drink menu has a vast list of bubbles, wine and beers but some of the true stars are on the cocktail menu. It was no surprise that I chose a drink called ‘Hotline Bling’ that tasted like a spicy margarita. Simple mix of tequila, honey, lime and jazzed up with thai chili, I now crave this drink during various points in the week. Patricio chose the OMA Cobbler, a pineapple infused Oloroso with Smith & Cross topped with a mint leaf a hint of lemon. The OMA has other notable drinks like Love Me Do topped with Topo Chico – Patricio loves a mineral water. But the Love Me Do consisted of his poison of choice right now – Gin. There are other notables, and the OMA even has a happy hour from 10p-1a on Saturdays where you can get certain cocktails for $5.  

"But the real star – the showstopper and delectable craving we dream about now is their Concha Burger."

The Chicharrón Fries are a San Antonio take on the crowd favorite of poutine. Drizzled with chorizo gravy, queso Oaxaca and crispy Chicharrón, this is a dish you’ll want to continue coming back for. But the real star – the showstopper and delectable craving we dream about now is their Concha Burger. This creation takes a wonderfully seasoned burger, tops with cheese mashed together between a concha bun. It satisfies the savory and sweet craving that we all have inside of us. This Concha Burger has become a star on its own, and we’ve been lucky to grab it twice.

Not only is the food noteworthy, the drinks delicious and the atmosphere funky, the staff is accommodating and attentive. While this restaurant has only been around for a few months, everything was seamless; We never wanted for anything, and our cucumber infused waters were always filled to the brim. The Old Main Association has become one of those restaurants on our list of places to go back to again and again. We’re big fans of the Old Main Assoc. and know you will be too after sampling their eclectic menu. So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars immediately and go try the burger everyone is talking about. Your jeans might regret it, but your stomach won’t.

Eat at The Old Main Assoc.